Jun 27

Pelatihan Perawatan Luka Modern dan Pengelolaan Diabetes

Pelatihan yang mengasah kemampuan perawat dlm merawat pasien dgn diabetes, tidak hanya mengenai luka namun juga pengelolaan diabetes secara holistik akan dibahas tuntas..


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  1. Hanung Prasetya

    Mohon dikirim info pelatihan perawatan luka setelah tanggal ini….terima kasih.

  2. ferry

    mohon info pelatihan perawatan luka setelah ini.makasih…

    1. Ria

      Pak ferry bs lihat pd bagian depan (home) pada page info pelatihan luka terkini, semoga membantu

      1. Adeyemi

        Paul,I have a gluten incolerante. I actually found out about it around the same time I was officially diagnosed with UC in 2006. When I was having all the strange GI symptoms, my doctor ordered gluten antibody blood tests (tissue transglutaminase IgG and IgA tests) and they came back positive. She then sent me in for both an endoscopy and a colonoscopy (the endoscope to confirm celiac disease and the colonoscopy because I was having lots of blood in my stools which is not a symptom of celiac disease). The colonoscopy came back showing ulcerative colitis. The endoscopy came back inconclusive for celiac (couldn’t find blunted villi), but since my blood test was positive, my doctor felt I should follow a strict gluten-free diet for the rest of my life anyway. I always hoped being on a gluten-free diet would make the UC go away, but it never did. Still, I stay on the diet strictly, as I know that along with celiac, gluten is possibly linked to a variety of other diseases. Since I know my body produces antibodies to gluten, I don’t want to take any chances by ingesting it.-Heidi

  3. Berliana

    kapan ada lagi seminar workshop perawatan luka ?mohon info lanjut

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